About Us

Can you tell me more about the type of work Good-Feel does?

We are a company that plans and produces game software.
Our aim is to create games that share our "good feelings", that aren't bound to any platform or genre.
We established our company in 2005 and have since been developing games mainly for companies like Nintendo.
For details, please see "ABOUT US," our company profile page.

What kind of games do you make specifically?

There tends to be a focus on action games and educational games in our catalog, but our policy is to make a whole variety of games that aren't bound to any specific genre.
For details, please see our "PRODUCTS" page.

What's the average age of your employees? What's the ratio of men to women?

The average age of our employees is 32, and the ratio of men to women is 7:3 (as of April, 2018). The percentage of women working here is relatively high for the game industry.


Do you recruit foreign staff?

We don't have any particular plans to recruit foreign staff, but we do accept applications from people who already live in Japan and have no trouble communicating in Japanese.
For those interested in applying, we encourage you to submit your application via the "APPLY" page.


Can we see the individual artwork of the staff members?

Our staff's individual artwork is featured on our Good-Feel original artwork (Pinterest) page.
You'll find some pieces there that offer a different taste from the official artwork. If you see something you like, be sure to "Repin" or "Follow."