Making Good-Feel games...

There's no right way to make a fun game.
That's why we trust our instincts.
Simply put, if it "feels good,"
That's how we design our games.
This has and will always be our approach.

Our goal is to make quality games today,
tomorrow and beyond.
We want our games to be remembered for being fun and exciting,
bringing happiness to the people who play them.

We will continue to challenge
ourselves—trying new things and upping
the ante—in order to make more fun games.

This is the Good-Feel approach to games.

ー Our Strength ー

Do everything from Planning to Develop in-houseDo everything from Planning to Develop in-house

Game Development Knowledge and Advanced SkillsGame Development Knowledge and Advanced Skills

New “Gaming Experiences” and “Visual Expressions”New “Gaming Experiences” and “Visual Expressions”

We want to be particular about each of our works.
With this in mind, we established a game production company in 2005.
Our company continues to create games with a focus on unprecedented gaming experiences,
meticulous graphics, and uncompromising quality.