Etsunobu Ebisu

I want to provide places where creators can show their talent.


Good-Feel Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Etsunobu Ebisu

Our company is to constantly produce high-quality games.
That has been my goal since its foundation.

We have created many works together supported by creators who have unique and diverse ideas.

Especially, we have a strong commitment to producing action games.
How can we more effectively convey the “play” part that is most important in game production?
Through trial and error, we came up with visual expressions that focus on “texture” and “movement”.

With this visual expression, the enhanced worldview and gameplay have been highly appreciated by users and have become a great strength of Good Feel.

I want more people to play our games even more.
We need to further strengthen our organization to realize this vision.

People often say, “What one likes, one will do well”. If you are passionate about games and producing work, we would like to welcome you to join us at Good Feel.

There are a lot of creators with full of high technical skills and talent in the world.
However, the most important thing is whether we can produce work while enjoying it.

Let's make games in which the creator's warmth is transmitted and which makes people think that the people who created the game must be having fun.

Create a place where creators can fully demonstrate their talents and together produce new games.

That is the ideal state of Good Feel.